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Ireland, the Revolution and the First World War. Continuities, Ruptures and Legacies (1913-1919)

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We are pleased to host, at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris, an international conference on Ireland and the First World War as part of the national commemorations for the Centenary of the First World War. The conference received the Centenary Certification  from the Mission du Centenaire (project 07 CONF 0118) and is part of the French national official program for commemorations of the Centenary of the Great War. It is supported by the Embassy of Ireland to France.

During the decade 1913-1923, Ireland went through a profound period of social, political and cultural changes, which together transformed the island. In less than ten years, Ireland experienced the repercussions of a global conflict, a rebellion, a war of independence and a civil war, not forgetting a constitutional settlement which had led to a partition on the island.

The aim of the conference is to contribute to a fuller appreciation of the contribution of the First World War to the transformation of Ireland, while analysing the influence of the Irish revolutionary period on the varied political and memorial legacies of the First World War. As we enter the Centenary of the Paris Peace Conference, we would like a panel to be dedicated to the first diplomatic steps of Dáil Éireann and the Irish Delegation sent to Paris in 1919 to negotiate the future of Ireland.


The Conference has been elaborated as an interdisciplinary scientific gathering. We seek to blend history, literature, cultural studies, with international relations and diplomacy.  Keynote speakers will deliver research-based talks and we hope to capture the attention of a large audience. PhD candidates are encouraged to attend and/or present their research during round-tables and panels in order to receive feedback on their ongoing projects.

We believe the conference can give even more visibility to the place of Ireland during the Great War and send a strong message to the public as to Ireland’s participation in the war. On the evening of 27 June 2019, there will be a public event and a reception with members of cultural services.

The conference language will be English. Graduate students, PhD candidates and early-career researchers are strongly encouraged to participate. There will be no registration fees. Associated costs will not be covered, even partly.


We are particularly interested in presentations that fits nicely in the following themes:


Panel 1: Ireland at the Outbreak of the Conflict

Panel 2: Ireland in War and Revolution

Round-table: What is left of the 1916 Rising?

Panel 3: Ireland and the Paris Peace Conference

Panel 4: Commemorations, Memories and Representations of the Great War in Ireland

Round-table: Sense of belonging: Towards a Collective Memory?




-Cornelius CROWLEY (Paris Nanterre University)

-Emmanuel DESTENAY (University College Dublin)

-Anne GOARZIN (University of Rennes II/President of the SOFEIR)

-Pierre JOANNON (Honorary Consul General of Ireland/Historian)   

-Fearghal MCGARRY (Queen’s University Belfast)

-Sylvie MIKOWSKI (University of Reims)

-Clíona NÍ RIORDÁIN (Paris III Sorbonne) 




Please send your application (one-page CV and a 100-word abstract) by 27 May 2019 to the conference organizer Emmanuel Destenay (emmanuel.destenay@ucd.ie).

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Jeudi 27 juin 2019
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